About Aissata


 AissataArt is LOVE.

Using vibrant colors, strong silhouettes and bright patterns, my illustrations and paintings depict mostly female figures -proud of their curvy bodies  and comfortable in their own skin- celebrating friendship, love, passion and unity. Often described as “experiences,” the compositions have the energy of a dance performance, musical concert or fashion show.  This stems from my former career as a fashion model in Paris and my love for all cultures. I envision my painted figures enacting their own celebrations and rituals through song, dance, physical exercise in their vibrant attire.

The scenes are not static...they're dynamic and full of life.  Each time you look at my posters hanging on your walls they will bring a smile to your face and inspire you.  At breakfast when drinking coffee or tea in my colorful and festive mugs, take the time to celebrate YOU and start your day feeling empowered!  

"I want each of you to have the same feelings of joy and empowerment I have been experiencing every single day I get to work on my characters.  My clients come from all over the world, as my work speaks to all people regardless of race or religion.  The art mirrors my own way of life as a global citizen who has lived in 6 countries and traveled to more than 50 nations.  I'm also a long distance runner and my daily practice is essential to my creative process -I use the energy generated during my run to bring the characters in my art to life.  My own attitude is infused into my characters, they are powerful."

Every item displayed on the site is created, inspected, packaged and shipped by the team to ensure that you receive a quality product.  

In the next months more products will be added to AissataArt Shop.  Enjoy the journey! 

~ Aissata Pinto da Costa